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Published on 23-03-2018

                                       ATTENTION PLEASE!!

 For all users, the next Saturday 24/03/2018 at 20:00PM server time the sites TB and TA are closed for reasons of possible multiple registrations with different IP.Also a Warning for such members who use VPN and Create fake Account or Create fake direct referrals! We can also ask for verification of your account any time so use your Correct information like:

Full name ( which you have in your documents 
Email address (which you use in your payment processor

If any member who already joined TigerBux or TigerAds with false information can request to change his/her information by sending Support Tickets.

 To get payments from TB and TA please use verified Payza,Paypal,PM account. If your Payza, Paypal or PM is not verified then please verify it and then request payment otherwise we will refund the payment into your Main Balance.

I hope you understand all the rules. These rules are to stop members who do scam. We are lifetime project so we don't want anything which is dangerous for TB and TA.

Tiger Bux Ads Team

For All Members
Published on 19-02-2018


Hi, I'm going to introduce my self, My name is Daniel,and I'm one more in this team.For a while I will take over from Tigerbux and Tigerads.Based on the information that has been given to me from  Admin, this page "in my opinion" is not as it should be.:-(As far as I know, the Admin and the Moderator work hard to keep the web sites stable. Some of you have understood.By mutual agreement with the Admin I will make some changes that I hope you understand.The Admin has risked doing things with users that almost no Admin at some ptc do,and has taken drastic decisions for users! but it seems that nothing works.But I'm going to be 100% more drastic so that both websites can be legit.I'wll start with the Standard users! Many of you have made massive withdrawals without any deposit,but that's going to change.1-From now on to make a withdrawal, you will have to make a deposit or update your account. No deposit limit,and no matter the membership.2-For all users: everyone who requests a payment will be asked via message on the page to provide us with their full name and email address of their payment prosessor for account verification. If you don´t send this information l will proceed to suspend your account or refund your payment.It has been seen that some users who have been suspended have opened more than two accounts with different names, emails and false IPs using vpn.Note: I have already sent information of users who entered our pages with false records to some ptc websites warning of possible false registrations with names and emails.3-All memberships: I will change the payment days after requesting payment for 7 days, except Yearly Gold Tiger maintained in 5 days,this will also be on TigerAds.Today will not accept or make withdrawals until the pending withdrawals are verified by the users, be aware of the message that will be sent to you to verified your account and proceed to your payment!If you have any questions please contact me on Facebook, Tiger Bux PTC, Ticket Support or Site Messages.

Daniel Best Regards


Share and win
Published on 02-02-2018

Hello dear members, our 2 sites continues pretty well because of you. Thanks for that...
Also, I have great news...
Now you can share your payment proof and win!!!

Place you can share and win:

Youtube video 5days Clixgrid plus 500banner credits
Vimeo video 5days Clixgrid plus 500banner credits
Dailymotion 5days Clixgrid plus 500banner credits
EMS forum 3days Clixgrid
Talkptc forum 3days Clixgrid
Wordpress Blog 2days Clixgrid
Google plus 2days Clixgrid
Blogger blog 2days Clixgrid
Instagram 1day Clixgrid
Twitter tweet 1day Clixgrid
Facebook group 1day Clixgrid
Pinterest 1day Clixgrid
Any other place 500 Banner credits

ps: To proof, your share, submit a support ticket with the URL of your sharing payment proof.
Stay with us day by day more surprises for all!

Best Regards,
Moderator of tigerads
Admin of TigerBux

Special Packge
Published on 14-01-2018

To all the members

We have launched the special package with a limited time.

Special Pack - $50.00 
Gold Tiger Membership: For 60 days

30 Rented Referrals
5000 Paid To Click Credits
50000 Banner Ad Credits

This package will have a duration of 14/01/2018 until 16/01/2018
23:59 server time

Everyone who buys will have a 5% deposit bonus on their purchase balance.

Take it before the time runs out


This promotion has expired

Tiger Ads is Launched
Published on 27-12-2017
Hello to all the members!
It's a pleasure to inform you that
we have already launched a new site
The banners are already at your disposal
We have been working and doing 20% better than TigerBux,
The site has more opportunities to make a good income.
We hope you enjoy both sites

Go for it, and start promoting

Moderator and Admin Team